There are two types of living arrangements available for your loved one.

The first, a Private Assisted Living or Care Home, is one of the living arrangements available to senior citizens who cannot comfortably live alone. These care homes are licensed private homes that can house anywhere from 3-10 people. Private care homes differ from the larger assisted living facilities or nursing homes in that the ratio of caregivers to residents is less.Their meals are homecooked, nutritious, and are served at the dining room table. Most importantly, someone is there with your loved one 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The second type of living arrangement option for your parent or relative is referred to as an Assisted Living Facility. First off, these facilities, also licensed, tend to be larger in scope. Multiple studio-like living quarters, a general eating area where nutritious meals are served and a larger activity area is available. They also have some type of monitoring system, be it personal or electronic, available at all times.

Either type of residence will provide you and your loved one with the satisfaction that you've devoted the proper time and consideration to the decision at hand!

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